About Us

So what is Lunch with Crunch?

As a mum of 4 I have to admit that sometimes (most of the time!) things don’t run smoothly. When I was working I had grand ideas about how I’d have ‘so much time’ as a stay-at-home mum and how all my kids meals would be perfectly balanced symphonies of meticulously prepared ultra healthy perfection, freshly created and enthusiastically packed into the appropriate sized lunch box with ‘I love you because...’ notes and bananas engraved with smiley faces. Well, I can confirm that didn’t happen, job or no job. What I have learnt though, is that time is a vacuum. And when you have kids its a super powered Dyson that somehow has the power to distort the space–time continuum whilst still leaving Marmite stains on the carpet.

I do, however, have a passion for food. And for cooking. And kids are pretty cool too. So I had two options – cook kids, or cook for kids. The second option had less legal repercussions and the meat was less stringy. So here I am!

We all know our kids should be eating healthy, fresh, nutritious food and balanced meals – that’s what we’re all striving for. We all have the same aim – but sometimes however hard we try, or well we plan,  the pressures of life gets in the way. Lunch with Crunch is a food delivery service, but more than that its a mum who is preparing the best food she possibly can for her kids and would love to do the same for yours.

Lunch with Crunch has 4 aims:

  • Food that children enjoy and want to eat (the most important!)
  • Food that’s healthy (portion control and sensible options. Plenty of fruit and vegetables. A balanced meal – this is about children learning from what they see in front of them)
  • Reasonably priced meal options (a whole lunchbox covering all the food groups at a set price)
  • No rubbish for the school and minimal environmental impact from packaging.

Those are the aims of Lunch with Crunch. Let me work on that while you focus on everything else (clean teeth, spelling lists, have they got their skort on their head... Oh – is that just mine?!?!)

Please feel free to contact me with ideas on what you and your child would like to see. As with any learning, this is a journey rather than a destination.

Many thanks

Claire XXX